Tanning Bed Dangers – Are Conventional Sunbeds Linked to Cancer?

Ever since there have been studies about sunbeds and cancer, people are becoming more aware of their health. The studies showed that if one had used a sunbed before the age of 35, they risk developing melanoma is much greater. If you aren’t sure what melanoma is, it’s the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Even if you’ve just used a sunbed at some point in your life, you have a 15% greater risk to develop melanoma. If by chance this was before the age of 35 then the possibility of melanoma increases to 75%.

woman using a sunbed

While melanoma is the worst case scenario, there are even links between tanning beds and squamous cell carcinoma. This is a mild form of skin cancer, but still dangerous.

Every year we see young men and women basking under the sun and sunbeds trying to look and feel good about themselves. The enjoyment is evident, but it still can lead to serious health issues down the road.

This is especially true during the winter months when people use tanning beds.

Medical teams still haven’t been able to find a link between basal cell carcinoma, but there could be an issue with the studies themselves. Basal cell carcinoma has a much longer latency period, so it could be years before we know the truth about whether these studies are relevant.

Unfortunately, these only show you a partial truth between safe and unsafe tanning beds. Everything is geared towards explaining the effects of conventional sunbeds, instead of the world we live in today.

What’s the Reasoning?

The biggest issue is investigators do not understand that magnetic ballasts are used in all conventional tanning beds. This brings about high levels of radiation that contributes to cancer. They will tell you it’s from the UV rays, and even if this is partially true, it also has to do with the equipment being used.

Granted, there are a few tanning salons out there that offer safer equipment. What they do is replace those magnetic ballasts with electronic versions. If not, being just inches away from these can be extremely harmful.

The next time you go to your local sunbed service, check to see if there is a humming noise in your tan. This is a sound that lets you know magnetic ballasts are being used. The electronic ballasts will be much quieter and more efficient.

The idea is to protect our health and still be able to enjoy a beautiful tan. However, if you limit your initial exposure and never end up sunburnt, you won’t have to worry about it.